Kermina Paper Products
15th Of May - Cairo

Address 27th Neighborhood, 1st Industrial Zone, 15th Of May City - Cairo - Egypt
Telephones 01143088850 - 01144442022 - 01111070666 - 02-25680675 -
Fax 02-23747524
About Kermina factory obtained the ISO 9001-2015 and 14001-2015 certificates, and from the countries that Kermina is exporting to is Senegal, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. We have the ability to manufacture all special specifications with a private label according to the market or customer needs. We are also looking for agents for us in the local and international market. Kermina has the ability to supply paper products to companies, hotels and hospitals.
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Category Export - Import Shops Equipment - Supermarkets Equipment Hotels Equipment - Restaurants Equipment Detergents - Equipment - Supplies Tissues Paper Products
Tax number 254-606-415
8 AM - 5 PM8 AM - 5 PM8 AM - 5 PM8 AM - 5 PM8 AM - 5 PM8 AM - 5 PM - القاهره - مدينه 15 مايو




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