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Home Furniture Factory - Habitat
Miami - Alexandria

Address 780, El Geish Rd., El Mandara - Alexandria - Egypt
Telephones 03-5538672 - 03-5536201 - 03-5536202 -
Fax 03-5536203
Keywords Antiques Decorations and interiors Dinning rooms Foam Home Furniture Hotel Furniture Living rooms Mattresses Mirrors Ornament Trays Upholstery fabrics Wooden Furniture
Category Decoration Supplies - Internal Design Hotels Equipment - Restaurants Equipment Furniture Mattress - Pillows Furniture
Recommended Company(s) Decoration Supplies - Internal Design
Lamasat Group
2122 Al-Arqam St., next to the Emirates Gas Station Egypt, Carrefour M...
02-29179655 / 01118195000

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