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IMAG Company - Pump Agents

Address 25 Naguib El Rihany St., Down Town - Cairo - Egypt
Branches Down Town - Cairo
About Serving clients since 1985 in their various fluid transport needs. Sole agent for leading int’l pump manufacturers – EBARA, IMPO, CSF, OMAC, GRACO, GVR, DP, Mencarell, Rotomac, POMVAK We cover applications in irrigation, water supply, desalination, sewage, drainage, construction, building facilities and industrial fluid transport. Our portfolio spans horizontal and vertical centrifugal surface water pumps, deep well pumps and motors, sewage and drainage submersible and self-priming pumps, dosing, gear, lobe, screw and vacuum pumps ...more
Keywords Deep Well Pump - High Pressure Pumps - Horizontal pumps - Pumps - Sewage pumps - Submersible pumps - Vacuum Pumps - Water Pumps - Submersible Motors - Lobe Pumps - Dosing Pumps - Drainage Pumps - water treatment pumps
Category Pumps
Tax number 100-273-068

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