Nasa Tech

Address Villa 153 Al Narges 1, Southern Teseen, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo - Cairo - Egypt
Telephones 01008391900 - 01063192300 - 01093811411 -
About Nasa Tech We work in the supply, installation, operation and maintenance of new and used boilers, medium and severe overhauls. Changing smoke and flame pipes, mirrors, front and rear doors, non-destructive tests that ensure the operation of boilers, and issuance of validity certificates for licenses. Calibration of safety valves and pressure indicators - Chemical treatment of boiler water and chemical washing to remove sediment - Supplying automatic and manual control heads - Electrochemical injection pumps.
Keywords Boilers
Category Natural Gas - Industrial Gas Water Treatment - Sanitary Treatment - Supplies Pipes - Supplies Shops Equipment - Supermarkets Equipment Hotels Equipment - Restaurants Equipment Measurements - Control - Calibration - Testing Equipment Sterilization - Disinfection Supplies Conveyors General Industry Supplies Welding Supplies Die Casting Pumps Heating - Boilers - Incineration Equipment
Tax number 349-804-443





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