Fighter Flash

Address Plot 198, 1st Industrial Zone, Badr City - Cairo - Egypt
Telephones 02-28607177 - 01093629555 - 01000003969 -
About A leading Egyptian-Saudi manufacturer of high-quality detergents with American and British raw materials. Products include household cleaners, disinfectants, toilet and floor cleaners, detergent gel, carpet shampoo, drain cleaner, floor flash, sink disinfectant, glass cleaner, detergents, soap and chemicals.
Keywords Chemicals Detergents Soap Detergents factory
Category Export - Import Shops Equipment - Supermarkets Equipment Hotels Equipment - Restaurants Equipment Containers Chemicals Detergents - Equipment - Supplies Cosmetics - Personal Care Cosmetics Personal Care Products Sterilization - Disinfection Supplies Cleaning Company
Tax number 533-279-194





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