Plastic Products

Nafco Plast

Address 3rd Industrial Zone, next to Medhat Al Suwaidi Printing, 10th of Ramadan - Sharkia - Egypt
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Category Plastic Products
Tax number 709-319-363

El Mostafa Master Batch

Address Plot No. 8, 5th Industrial Zone, West Al Roubiki Road, Badr City - Cairo - Egypt
About We specialize in the manufacture of ...moremasterbatch for all plastic sectors, including the sector (raffia - film - injection - blowing - pulling pipes (PPR) - plastic mats - ropes and threads - PE-PP - pulling polycarbonate and other sectors...) As well as all additives for plastic products (Anti Block - Anti Yellowing - Anti Fire - UV)
Keywords Master batch - Plastic - Plastic additives - Plastic Products - Polyethylene - Polypropylene - Master Ba ...morech in Egypt - Master Batch in Cairo -
Category Plastic Products
Tax number 212-760-645

Kima Masr For Plastic

Address 4th Industrial Zone, Plot 36, 10th of Ramadan - Sharkia - Egypt
Keywords Electric Power Pipes - Packages - Plastic - Plastic containers - Plastic hoses - plastic pipes - Plastic ...moreProducts - PVC -
Category Die Casting | Containers | Plastic Products | Shoes | Men Shoes - Manufacturing | Electrical Conduits
Tax number 516-381-970

El Safa Pack For Packaging & Packing Material Industries

Address Administration: 6189 in front of the Faculty of Engineering, Modern University, Central Hill, Mokattam - Cairo - Egypt
Branches 6th of October - Giza El Mokatam - Cairo
About ElSafa Pack is one of the ...moreleading Egyptian manufacture of packaging materials and owned by ElSafa for import and export co. Since our inception, we have relied on a policy of establishing high professional quality standards in all our products; In order to satisfy the aspirations of customers and to be able to compete in the growing Egyptian market, at ElSafa we offer the highest levels of our products; Thanks to our trained and talented personnel, and through modern technology and devices, we believe in our capabilities, our people and our modern technologies, To publish the finest products that suit and change the needs of contemporary competing markets, we are not the best, but we are looking for the satisfaction of our customers.
Keywords plastic bags - Packaging - Plastic Products - Trash bags - Food bags - Vaccum bags - Coffe bags - Lamina ...moreion rolls - Selif shrink - Bubbles rolls - Shipping bags - Zipper bags - Industrial stretch rolls - Aluminum Metals Rolls - biodegradable bags - Zipper nylon bags -
Category Packing - Packaging - Supplies | Plastic Products | Packing - Packaging Materials
Tax number 655-789-863

Delta Integrated Industries

Address 29, Emad El Din St., Down Town - Cairo - Egypt
Branches Assiut - Assiut Aswan - Aswan Down Town - Cairo El Mansoura - Dakahlia
El Minia - Minya
About Mcclean is founded in 2015 with ...morethe goal of helping transform one of the least efficient and resource-intensive industries in Egypt namely waste management. It is no secret that material demands of production & urbanization are significantly on the rise, posing multiple challenges, one of which is municipal solid waste (MSW). MISSION With the production of high-quality locally produced waste containers and bins, we aim to play a role in waste collection helping our communities and organizations become greener and grow more sustainably.
Keywords garbage boxes - Plastic Products -
Category Packing - Packaging - Supplies | Containers | Plastic Products | Packing - Packaging Materials
Tax number 431-313-997

Egypt Plast For Packaging Materials

Address Plot 496 youth stores, 6th of October - Giza - Egypt
About Egypt Plast Company for packaging materials A ...moreleading company in the manufacture of plastic packaging materials for more than ten years, specializing in the manufacture of plastic products such as sacks, fertilizer bags, rolls, and printed bags of high and low density polyethylene, industrial shrink, and barnac.
Keywords plastic bags - Plastic Bag Factory - Plastic Products - Plastic Roll - Jumbo Bag - Greenhouses - Environ ...moreentally friendly plastic bags - Plastic Detailing Bags -
Category Packing - Packaging - Supplies | Plastic Products | Packing - Packaging Materials
Tax number 728-958-287

Al Qadisiyah Pack For Manufacturing Of Packaging Materials

Address North ext., Part No. 22 Turkish Industrial Zone, Polaris Park , 6th October City - Giza - Egypt
About The company started the activity in ...more1998, In produced low and high-density mono-layer polyethylene rolls. Since 1998, the following has been updated and added: 6 color printing machines and lamination machines were added to meet the market needs, 3 and 5 layers of film machines have been added, 8 color printing machines were added to meet the market needs, Modern slaters machines have been added, Stretch production line has been added to meet the market needs, 6-color printing machines have been added to print all kinds of tissues, vegetables, rice, legumes bags. Many modern machines have been increased to meet the needs of the Egyptian and international market, Modern testing devices have been added to the company’s laboratory, Al-qadisiyah pack become specialized in producing agricultural low tunnel & Mulch Films, Markets were opened in all countries [export], Implement Good Manufacturing Practices [GMP], The company has a modern transportation vehicle dedicated to transporting products. Coming soon, 8 colors printing modern machines to print all kinds of tissues, vegetables, rice, legumes bags. Future plan, We are planning to produce greenhouse Films.
Keywords plastic bags - Packaging - Packaging materials - Packaging Rolls - Plastic Company - Plastic Products - ...morehrink Rolls - Food product packaging - Plastic agricultural films - Bags for filling agricultural fertilizers in October - Bags in 6th of October - Packaging and wrapping supplies - Packing and wrapping materials Egypt - Packing and wrapping materials in Cairo - Packing and wrapping materials in Giza - Packing and wrapping materials in 6th of October - Polypropylene rolls -
Category Bakery - Pastry Equipment | Packing - Packaging - Supplies | Packing Straps | Plastic Products | Packing - Packaging Materials | Greenhouse Supplies
Tax number 205-309-569

Awlad Abdulaziz Company

Address El Saftawy, Land of the Liwa - Giza - Egypt
Branches El Mohandseen - Giza Sohag - Sohag
Keywords plastic bags - Plastic Machines - Plastic raw materials - Plastic Rolls - Plastic bags project - Half a ...moreine of plastic bags - Selling plastic machines -
Category Export - Import | Die Casting | Packing - Packaging - Supplies | Packing Straps | Packing - Packaging Equipment | Plastic Products | General Industry Supplies | Electrical Equipment
Tax number 728-139-073

Loca Packing Manufacturing

Address Plot 199, Industrial Zone, Abu Rawash - Giza - Egypt
Branches Abu Rawash - Giza Merghem - Alexandria
About Loca Packing is one of the ...moreleading companies in the field of packaging materials industry. ??Loca Packing is a manufacturing packaging materials, and was established in 2004 in the industrial zone - Abu Rawash K 28 Egypt Alexandria Desert in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the company specializes in the production Stretch film (hand and machine) –Air bubbles plastic - Shrink- plastic bags- plastic rolls (all size) and Strapping straps and related products including bags used in the packaging and export. ???Loca Packing products are of high quality and are available in different sizes to meet different customer needs. ?The company also provides product customization services according to customer requirements. ??Loca Packing strives to provide high quality products at competitive prices, and is keen to follow international standards of quality and environmental safety in its production
Keywords Bubbles -
Category Packing - Packaging - Supplies | Plastic Products | Packing - Packaging Materials | Spinning - Weaving Industry Supplies | Cardboard Products
Tax number 472-735-292

Pure Tank

Address 7 Taiba Buildings, El Zahraa Main St, Next to Vodafone, Zahraa El Maadi - Cairo - Egypt
About Pure Tank Tank Company One of the ...moreleading companies in the field of polyethylene, stainless and fiberglass water tanks He holds a certificate from the National Research Center and a certificate from the Egyptian Ministry of Health trust . Quality . safety . a guarantee Five years warranty Special discount for quantities Free delivery within Cairo We have no other branches, no agents or distributors, 20 years of experience in manufacturing polyethylene tanks that are perfect for water storage with 5 years guarantee, stainless steel tanks used to store water, foodstuffs, chemicals, and petroleum materials, as well as fiberglass tanks. The company holds an ISO quality certificate, a certificate from the National Research Center, and a certificate from the Egyptian Ministry of Health.
Keywords Chemical tanks - Fiberglass Tanks - Polyethylene Tanks - Stainless Steel Tank - Tanks - water Fiberglass ...moretanks - Water tanks - Stainless Tanks - Tanks in Cairo - Water tanks company - Water tank - Solar tank - Tanks in Maadi -
Category Petroleum Services | Fiberglass | Shops Equipment - Supermarkets Equipment | Hotels Equipment - Restaurants Equipment | Tanks | Plastic Products | Water Tanks | Stainless Steel
Tax number 759-411-026

Damasco for Industry and Investment

Address 3rd Industrial Zone, Gasoline St, Plot 137, Second Service Corridor, 6th of October - Giza - Egypt
Keywords Handles - Plastic molds - Furniture Fittings and Components - Furniture fastern - Shelf supporter Angel ...more Plastic Anchor - Furniture Angle connector - Tap in Nail Glides - Kitchen Adjustable Feet - Butterfly Corner Brace Bracket - Cabinet Hanger - Shelf Pin -
Category Die Casting | Plastic Products | Furniture | Furniture | Die Casting
Tax number 730-758-389

DCG Supplies the Water Network, seamless valves and elbows

Address 6 Al Batal St, Medhat Abdel Hamid, Mohandessin - Giza - Egypt
Branches El Mohandseen - Giza El Sabtyah - Cairo
Category General Contractors | Pipes - Supplies | Die Casting | Plastic Products | Irrigation Supplies | Sanitary Ware Manufacture
Tax number 575-184-752

Paft For Manufacturing And Develoment

Address Fourth Industrial Zone, Samy Saad Complex T29, 6th of October - Giza - Egypt
Keywords Logistics - Molds - Plastic pallets - RFID - System - Warehousing - Supply Chain - Plastic boxes Giza - ...morelastic boxes Cairo - Pallets - Rack - Paft -
Category Plastic Products
Tax number 377-159-050

Karama Plast Manufacturing and Printing Plastic Bags

Address 24 Al Jumhuriya St, behind the slaughterhouse, Bar Al Waladin Mosque, Zakat Foundation, Ring Rd - AlSalam City - Cairo - Egypt
Keywords plastic bags - Plastic - Plastic Factory - Bags and plastic bags -
Category Packing - Packaging - Supplies | Packaging Printing | Plastic Products | Packing - Packaging Materials
Tax number 499-245-318

El-Khatib Co.

Address Central axis, in front of Cheryenko Mall, 6th of October - Giza - Egypt
Branches 6th of October - Giza 6th of October - Giza
About ELKhatib Company is a company specialized ...morein supplying all types of detergents and cleaning tools. Founded in 2010, we supply all kinds of detergents & paper napkins in all their forms, types, sizes & uses for hotels, restaurants, companies, homes & individuals. We have all kinds of hygiene equipment & supplies. We aim to be at the best of our customers' minds in Egypt & abroad. We also specialize in after sales service.
Keywords Detergents - Tissues - Cleaning Tools -
Category Shops Equipment - Supermarkets Equipment | Hotels Equipment - Restaurants Equipment | Containers | Plastic Products | Chemicals | Detergents - Equipment - Supplies | Cosmetics - Personal Care | Home ware | Cosmetics | Personal Care Products | Sterilization - Disinfection Supplies | Medical Supplies | Tissues | Paper Products | Cleaning Company
Tax number 340-135-239

Poly Trade Industry

Address The Jordanian Mall Al Sabah, Entrance 2, in front of the Arab African Bank,10th of Ramadan - Sharkia - Egypt
Branches 10th Of Ramadan City - Sharkia 10th Of Ramadan City - Sharkia
About PolyTrade Integrated Company has a competitive ...morestrategic position in the world of Cast Pallet-Wrap Stretch Film market. With a state of the art industrial plant in EGYPT, PolyTrade provides quality driven, cost effective and innovative tailor made industrial solutions to Asian and European countries. With long years of experience in stretch film business , machine and power stretch film application requirements .PolyTrade has advanced, top of the line and high tech European made machines, reflecting experience in the international market, tailoring extrusion lines to customer requirements. PolyTrade will keep on adopting the leading technological developments in the machinery and methods used to secure and protect items of all kinds and loads of all sizes, to enable achieving smooth operations, quality and low costs standards.PolyTrade:- corporate mandate and objectives are to provide world markets with integrated products to meet the growing needs of the ever growing global markets.- delivers a complete range of diversified, value added, performance enhanced products for the demanding markets.- has a set of corporate and manufacturing standards for combining excellent products pricing with outstanding quality.- is commitment to business integrity, product quality, client services and environmental responsibility. The company's relationship with business stakeholders are built to last.MISSION:- To achieve excellence collectively in terms of quality, innovation and service by offering eco-friendly products and a proactive consolidated presence in all local, regional and global markets.- Sinceestablishment, Polytrade Industry culture that incorporates friendliness, kindness, integrity, and compassion has been evolving. Allowing it to become one of our most distinguishing characteristic. our employee's indivisual commitment to such values drives Tahweel, and ultimately result in the company's successes. Satisfying our clients with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service, We relentlessly invest in and developing our employee's talents, ingenuity and leadership towards stable and sustainable growth.
Keywords Stretch film - Packing and Packaging Materials - Industrial Stretch - High Power Stretch - Polyethylene ...morehrink - Power Stretch - Industrial stretch factory -
Category Packing - Packaging - Supplies | Plastic Products | Packing - Packaging Materials
Tax number 516-242-598

United Co. For Plastic Industries

Address Block 19 Block 20014, Industrial Zone Arab Extension 900 St., Obour - Cairo - Egypt
About All kinds of plastic yarns from ...moreraw materials of first grade 100% polyethylene and 100% polypropylene of various thicknesses. - Shading and protection nets of all kinds, colors and different ratios to provide the appropriate environment for cultivations. - The factory produces filter mesh that is used as a filter for depth pumps of different widths. - All kinds of greenhouses. - Providing better products to our customers, who represent the most important factor for the continuity of the company and who are at the forefront of work concerns on the company's future vision and work to always provide the best and build a bridge of credibility between us and them. - Our main goal is to reach the highest quality standards in the market at reasonable prices in order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers in the long term. - Our clients are our capital. - We also have international dealings, so we welcome export orders at any time.
Category Tents | Insulation Supplies | Plastic Products | Farms - Production and Supplies | Greenhouse Supplies | Rubber Products
Tax number 203-318-757
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Ace Hardware Egypt

Ace Hardware Egypt

Address Dandy Mega Mall at KM 28 , Alexandria Desert Road - Giza - Egypt
Branches 6th of October - Giza El Sherouk City - Cairo Misr El Gedeida - Cairo
Category Decoration Supplies - Internal Design | Plastic Products | Landscape - Supplies | Home Appliances - Manufacture and Import | Home Supplies - Home Articles | Auto Accessories | Toys | Malls - Shopping Centers | Furniture | Home Appliances

The Egyptian Saudi Company For Plastic Industries

Address 193, El Orouba St., Misr El Gedeida - Cairo - Egypt
Keywords Plastic Baby Slippers -
Category Containers | Plastic Products | Shoes | Leather Products
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El Fares Al Araby

El Fares Al Araby

Address Plot 174, Industrial Zone B3, 10th of Ramadan - Sharkia - Egypt
Category Containers | Plastic Products
Tax number 496-633-848

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