Companies for wire accessories for kitchens

Tabouk co. for Engineering Industries

Address 1st Industrial Zone C3 Plot A1, In Front Of Family Court , 10th Of Ramadan - Sharkia - Egypt
Branches 10th of Ramadan - Sharkia
About In 1988 the two factories Abdelhamid for metal works & Tabouk for engineering industries were constructed in 10 th of Ramadan city with a working area of 2000 sq. meter, we are specialized in all wire products & metal products for example: wire shelves for cookers, wire shelves and baskets for refrigerators and freezers, wire protection screens for air conditioners and fans, wire shelters for insect killers & electric heaters, pan supports for gas cookers, wire racks for dish washers, equipping supermarkets, display mesh and stands, hooks, boxes and baskets, wire basket trolleys, feeding industries for cars and buses assembly, dish drainers, grill racks, wire cable trays, metal furniture for hotels and houses.
Keywords Metal Works - Supermarket Equipment - Equipment Stores - Wire shelves for gas cookers - baskets for refrigerators - wire accessories for kitchens
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