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Kortoba For Engineering
Sharkia - El Zagazeg

Address 13, Abu Bakr El Sedik St., El Zagazeg - Sharkia - Egypt
Telephones 0166619777 - 0163116314 - 055-2288135 -
Fax 055-2288135
Keywords Barrier Belt Brick Conveyor Belt Department Door Equipment Factory Fence Flange Gate Hydraulic Iron Work ladder land Development Machine Manufacturer Manufacturers Equipment Small Auction Metal Founding Mold Sectional Spacer Steel Steel & Iron Swinging Tile Wall Workshop
Category Doors - Windows - Supplies Concrete - Products Tiles - Bricks Mechanical - Hydraulic Supplies
Recommended Company(s) Doors - Windows - Supplies
سيجما الصناعية ابواب داخلية...
17 Zakaria Ahmed St., Downtown - Cairo - Egypt





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